5 limbs

Today a mermaid emerged from the sea.
She waits upon the moon-washed sand.
Clothed in storms and fires and
The drowning shores,
Clothed in our waste,
She has come
That we may become the sea
And the skies and the land.
She has come to sing
That we may take her by the hand
And know her once more.
I have been working for 10,000 hours
With my book of notes,
Scattered like birds on a washing line.
Soft white hands on hard white keys,
Dancing two four, three four, four four.
Lost in rhythm and feeling
That settles not this savage soul.
Drunk by my own performance.
My time.
I moved from side to side in my chair,
But not a tear.
The therapist looked on smiled,
Calling forth more
As I remembered the rubber hose,
Being beat against my back,
And a mother that screamed
Of the wrong being done
Against her child.
No matter
I go
There is
Nothing to be found.

Too late

I woke up too late this morning.
I have to lift my game
And find what my Oprah Winfrey passion is,
Silence my mind like Ekhart Tolle,
Plan my day like Tony Robbins,
Eat like Jenny Craig,
Run like Dick Quax,
Succeed like Ritchie McCawe,
Relax like Suzuki,
Laugh like John Clarke
And look after my health like Chopra.

I woke up too late this morning,
Then I ate chocolate with my coffee,
Showered too long,
Had cheese with toast,
Surfed the net,
Got a lift to work instead of walking,
And moaned about the cold.
And I still don’t feel the need
To be anyone else.