Once every couple of weeks on average I have a session with my psychosynthesist. Today’s chat was mostly about the work since I’ve been doing since the last session. We chatted about Zen, loving kindess, forgiveness and psychosynthesis.

My sister was around on the weekend with most of my family apart from my other sister. I had a deeper insight into her patterns than I’ve had before. But while I may have responded with a kind of clarity I wasn’t gentle – perhaps you could read lovingly kind – with her. Today during the session I realised that. Why was that? Because I didn’t connect with her pain.

When I was much younger I did some training in psychosynthesis, but one of the reasons I stopped was that I became really sensitive to people’s pain.

So now I’m older. Practising Zen. Practising forgiveness. Doing sessions. Doesn’t session sound like Seshin.

Seshin is a period in which you intensify your practise. It begins seven days before the full moon. Well this full moon was Wesak and it indeed was an intensification but occuring spontaneously. I’ve always found Wesak interesting. And this seshin has been about loving kindess (metta).

So there we are. Attuning more to other’s pain. That’s empathy not just kindness. That’s the outcome of today.



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