Non seeking

There are so many ways of approaching non-attachment. Non-seeking is one that I’ve been working with lately. After all, seeking is not being here in the present moment. It’s about letting go of thinking, desire and one’s body to the present moment. I think it was Joshu who made an interesting remark about a seeker that had not shed body and thought. May it was Dogen who made that remark. Body and thought can act as prisons to the indwelling awareness.

But then there’s the idea of knock, knock it’s the indwelling awareness here. The Rules of Magic thought that “when the shadow hath responded in meditation deep” to the communication of the soul. There’s a suggestion of passivity of the personality there. Like an active waiting without expectation. Listening. You never know when it’s going to happen, so just pay attention to the presence. Meditation without expectation.

Realising that all things are impermanent. Letting go lasting forever. I just let go. Now thoughts are back so I let go again without seeking an object to the letting go, just letting go all of itself. The mind realises the futility of thinking, where did thinking get me anyway? Around and around the wheel of karma. Jump off by letting go. Abandon thoughts like the cage they are. Who caged me anyway? “Where is the fault?” “Wherever you look for it.” Joshu.

Words are out now.



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