New beginnings

After a minor crisis in my life, I think I’m coming on to the next stage of practice.  I’ve realised that it’s time to deal more thoroughly with the three poisons  – desire, aversion and delusion – much more effectively than I have to date.  They aren’t safe, they cause unwanted effects (kamma).

The other side of the coin is over the years I’ve put a lot of energy into finding ways to keep a clear mind, stay organized and keep driving forward.  Simple things from David Allen’s “Getting Things Done” to Anthony Robbins “The Time of Your Life.”  David Allen is more in line with Zen thinking than Anthony Robbins, who says that he is more driven by hunger, but often his actions seem to belie that. (Hunger is an interesting word. The buddhist word taṇhā means thirst and desire or craving.  The buddhist path is to end craving.)

1. Taṇha is directed toward feeling; it leads to seeking of objects which pander to self interests and is supported and nourished by ignorance.

2. Chanda is directed toward benefit, it leads to effort and action, and is founded on intelligent reflection.

To that point I have stolen ideas and systems from others, adapted them and tried to make them work. I have worked with different meditative approaches over the years.  And I have made heaps of mistakes.  So, I’m going to change this from “Just So” to “Zenvolution.”

I’m an admin of a small group on Facebook called “Shit On A Stick,” which gets active occasionally. The whole idea to me of Shit On A Stick, is that it’s a commitment to dealing with what’s right in front of you.

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