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I’m not quite sure where to start with this one. I’ve been attracted to both buddhism and NAC. NAC has certainly helped me over the past several years. What is NAC you might ask. Neuro Associative Conditioning, which is fundamentally Anthony Robbins reframe of NLP.

The question I guess in my mind is how compatable these two areally are. On the surface it seems not. NAC and its parent NLP are both focused on object. Whereas Buddhism is focused on the subject. The aim in Zen as I understand it at least is meditation without object. NLP and NAC are focused on conditioning or programming. Buddhism is focused on the unconditioned state – Nirvana.

Is there any reconciliation between the two, not that I’d want to reconcile Buddhism to anything, but I think at least for myself it might be worth examining where the intersections are, if any. So this topic will last a little while.


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