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Work has been one of my big attachments. It’s easy to understand why. As a young adult it provided not a small measure of relief from the grief of relationship break ups. It has over the years also provided me with a large measure of self-esteem, when things have gone well, which they generally have. And a comfortable income to provide a variety of satisfactions. The question is when things haven’t gone well at work and the plummet in self-esteem that that has created.

No more. Mindfulness is now the basis of my life. If you want to know, it was work that finally drove me over the edge into a total commitment to meditation practice. There are all sorts of things you can say about work. But I’m clear that the only possible thing that will survive death apart from all my accumulated karma is a meditative and compassionate life. Perhaps you could call it spiritual will. I call it finally starting to come to terms with reality. My work.

This is not to say that I don’t see value in at least some of the work I do. I do. I like to think that in some small way I’m contributing to some kind of change in the way people work and think about the work they do. I’m fortunate enough to have a global role, while my client lets me. For that I’m grateful. But I can’t talk about that; Confidentiality agreements, competitive advantage, etc. etc.

Working towards an outcome without clinging.

Stillness in activity.


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