Meditation time

It struck me as interesting the other day that the Dalai Lama spends four hours a day meditating. And in one of the experiments that has popped up in the news an experienced meditator is considered to have done 10,000 hours. If you meditate for 2 hours a day, it’s going to take you almost fourteen years to become an experienced meditator. That’s some time.

The goal though isn’t to be an experienced meditator though; it’s enlightenment, the goalless goal. And apparently that happens quickly for some people and slowly for others. Nevertheless Buddha continued meditating after enlightenment. And it strikes me that it’s just nice to do.

Yet for me 80 minutes, which is what I do like to do in a morning, is definitely better than 15 and it seems that with 30 I’m only just getting started. But that’s just my experience.

Then there are seshins although I’ve never been on one. It must be fabulous.

What’s your experience?


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  1. Rose says:

    Fabulous – haha. Buddhas practice was meditation. Why would seeing enlightenment change it?

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