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Learned Audience, in this system of mine one Prajna produces eighty four thousand ways of wisdom, since there are that number of ‘defilements’, wisdom reveals itself, and will not be separated from the Essence of Mind. Those who understand this Dharma will be free from idle thoughts. To be free from being infatuated by one particular thought, from clinging to desire, and from falsehood; to put one’s contemplation, and to take an attitude of neither indiffernece nor attachment toward all things – this is what is meant by realising one’s own Essence of Mind for the attainment of Buddhahood.

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This is Hui Neng’s learning and he keeps coming back to it. When he received the transmission from Hong Ren to become the next patriarch, Hong Ren recited the Diamond Sutra including the phrase: One should use one’s mind in such a way that it is free from attachment at which Hui Neng become enlightened.

But, this is it. In our meditation we are learning to let thoughts, feels and delusions go. And in our lives we get to practise it. It’s quite liberating really.


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