Controlling likes and dislikes

When I first read Unlimited Power years ago, it struck me that likes and dislikes are really part of the machine. What I mean by that is that the personality is really an automaton. Yet we continue to identify with the personality.

Assagioli, if I remember rightly, once defined neurosis as behaviour that’s no longer appropriate. And well, as a student of Freud’s perhaps his definition is entitled to some credibility. Are likes and dislikes that no longer work a neurotic condition? Is perhaps a better definition of a neurotic being someone that hasn’t awakened? And well, it’s just a thought label therefore it’s an illusion anyway.

What I do think is interesting is that we can control our likes and dislikes. Obviously there’s the mindfulness approach and while the most powerful is a longterm strategy. NAC, or NLP if you prefer, offers a short term approach. So, if you haven’t achieved being beyond like and dislike and if you’re not attached to your likes and dislikes, there’s an NLP technique called switching submodalities:


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