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A chain of conditioning

Thursday, November 18th, 2010

I’ve always been interested in my great great grandfather. I think it was from him that I inherited rather an old etymological dictionary that I consumed as a boy. I remember at about the age of 8 writing out all of the germanic verbs that I found in it. He was first president of the Esperanto Society in New Zealand and I remember after getting into astrology as a teenager coming across a book of his that had some rather interesting insights into the religious significance of the constellations.

George was an evangelist, a proselytiser is probably a better description. Born in Suffolk, at some point he moved to York where he became a stuff warehouseman, as they were called. And in that environment it seems he studied Hebrew and Greek. Obviously he made some impact because he moved to New Zealand in about 1881 to lecture on religious matters. (more…)

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