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Winter Approacheth

Saturday, June 2nd, 2007

I read the other day one author who suggested that it’s all about stopping thoughts from starting. When I’ve followed a train of thought and it comes to a pause, then for the next while meditation is relatively straight forward. I think that’s more about stopping.

One attitude that’s working for me here is that thoughts too are bright, shiny things and the other is that thoughts are information, to be followed or not and in meditation the emphasis is on the not. My experience is not that it’s about stopping thoughts but it’s about being non-attached during their arising.

The other element that seems to make this work is to make it the practice of daily life, i.e. not following thoughts. Although sometimes it does seem worthwhile to walk down paths of thought, even create new paths. It is how I earn my living afterall, but it is not my being.

There is definitely peace in here.

p.s. I found this link with free talks on it.

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