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Not so interesting

Saturday, November 21st, 2009

This is really a note to self this time. I just don’t want to lose these thoughts over the next while, even though I know this is being read. And even though thoughts are themselves impermanent and arise within emptiness. So, I apologise if this is a bit boring. After all it’s in my blog and it should be interesting. What is this addiction to interesting anyway, but that’s another topic.

The first thing I should like to note is that emptiness equals spaciousness and not allowing thinking to concretise. Thinking needs to be kept flowing and not become a thing, that keeps the mind free. Just like a tree is not a tree, but a process given rise by causes and conditions. The same is true of ideas. They have no truth in themselves. The mind part of heart mind.

The second is metta bhavana. It strikes me that it is true that what you’re wishing for all beings is what you’re wishing for yourself. And this makes metta bhavana the other side of the coin of zen as this is unity from another angle. The heart part of heart mind. And this creates a spaciousness towards other beings.

Thirdly, unity cannot be conceived by the dualistic mind anyway. Every thought is rooted in dualism. Even the word unity is dualistic because it implies there is that which is not dualistic. So how can you hold unity as an object of thought? The root delusion is that we see ourselves as separate, but we need to break through our thinking to get to it. And this is the illness that zen is attempting to cure.

And lastly, trying to reach enlightenment. What is that? It can’t be done. Here and now. This is enlightenment. You can’t find enlightenment by sitting on a mat. You can’t find enlightenment by doing anything. Fully present with a spacious heart and a flowing mind, that’s what love is.

So if you bothered to read this, I hope you got something from it, after all may your heart mind awaken and be free.

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