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Karaniyametta Sutta

As a mother, at the risk of her life,
Watches over her only child,
Let him cherish an unbounded mind
For all living beings.
Let him have love for the whole world
And develop an unbounded mind
Above, below and all around,
Boundless heart of goodwill, free of hatred,
Standing, walking, sitting or lying down,
So long as he be awake,
Let him cherish this thought,
This is called divine abiding here.

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Not so interesting

This is really notes to myself this time. I just don't want to lose these thoughts over the next while, even though I know this is being read. And even though thoughts are themselves impermanent and arise within emptiness. So, I apologise if this is a bit boring. After all it's in my blog and it should be interesting. What is this addiction to interesting anyway?

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