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Saturday, August 18th, 2007

No experience is permanent. Not one. Rooting ones sense of self in any kind of experience leads to a sense of self that will have to change. Even our personalities change. The essence of our experiencing on the other hand seems to remain constant. But while our identity remains in a particular experience we fail to realise this essence. Perhaps this is what Hui Neng meant by essence of mind.

Even though we know this we’re continuing to respond in the three worlds through an imperfect nature. Seemingly imperfect. The form nature gives rise to experience and each experience is what it is.

So we work on our nature, identifying holdings on and releasing from them.

Some say that the cycle of rebirth is rooted in attachment to experience. But it seems to me that it leads us to compassion for ourselves and for others. In freeing ourselves from attachment we are lead to want to free others. What are we letting go of? It seems we’re all letting go of something.

That balance between the awareness, letting go and compassion. Is there anything else?

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