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Compassion and Enlightenment

Friday, December 3rd, 2010

Shravakas and solitary realizers
Spring from the kings of Munis.
Buddhas spring from Bodhisattvas.
The compassionate mind, non-dual awareness,
And the altruistic mind of Enlightenment
Give rise to jinaputras, children of Conquerors.

Mercy alone is perceived as the seed
Of a Conqueror’s abundant harvest,
As water for growth, and as
Fruition in long enjoyment.
Thus I hail compassion at the beginning.

Homage to compassion for gatis,
Powerless migrators, like buckets dropped in a well,
First clinging to some self, an ‘I’,
Then growing attached to things – ‘Mine’.

Homage to compassion for gatis,
Evanescent and empty of inherent existence.
Like the moon in the rippling water.
Madhyamakavatara, CANDRAKIRTI

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Thursday, May 6th, 2010

I was thinking about my practice this morning and where I’m at with it.  Three words seemed to do it:- concentration, observation and faith. The first two words are kind of obvious.  Faith isn’t a normal word for me.

I’ve got to a real stage of not knowing in my practice, which is leaving no choice but to be; to be with not knowing, realising the fluctuations of the world are the flucations of mind stuff.  And the other thing is that sitting being present is well, qualitatively different from waiting for enlightenment.  And the odd thing is that being present seems to require great faith.

Not seeking requires faith.

Just my thoughts.

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Stumbling along the path

Friday, April 2nd, 2010

Just because we’ve had an awakening of sorts doesn’t mean that we’ve been transfigured. It’s a long journey. In astrological symbolism we reverse the wheel in Libra, transform the emotional nature in Scorpio, silence our thoughts in Sagittarius and become transfigured in Capricorn.

I think people misunderstand the concept of sudden enlightenment. Satori itself is sudden and fully transformative, but getting to that point can take lifetimes. Buddha himself after making his vow when he first saw Dipankara took a number of lifetimes.

To think that people don’t stumble along the path is naive. We do, we say things that are cutting, we entertain selfish thoughts, we eat things it would be best not to, etc. etc. And that is one of the reasons we must generate compassion towards ourselves, not just towards others.

The other problem is the idea that we are perfecting our nature. In Zen we are not perfecting anything, just preparing the ground for enlightenment.

As a parting thought try this, in the enlightened mind the universe is already whole. There is no difference between you and the universe. As Alan Watts put it The inside and the outside are one. Where is there not Alaya?

Forgive yourself and be free.

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