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In service

Monday, September 24th, 2007

Recently I have been connecting to old visions of humanity. Old for me in this lifetime anyway. And perhaps going further back. I don’t know.

One is work. The way that we have organised ourselves for work had to change. And we are in the middle of it. Making ourselves free. That has been our urge for a long, long time. Witness as a crisis in the French Revolution and repeated in the American Declaration of Independence and then later Civil War and then again on a global scale in the second world war. The Soul of Humanity spoke. More than once. But once again we find ourselves in a kind of enslavement, this time to our own desires. And it will be a mass movement, that is sure, but focused on what we must also indvidually do. And that will reflect itself back into our work lives. Working without attachment there is no doubt that we will end territorialism and its mental expression: ambition. Free to perform the kind of work that we want to do in our inner being. Our inner vision, our purpose.

I have my own personal vision for humanity. Well, how personal it is I don’t know. It seems my great grandfather shared something similar. It’s just been lost for a few generations. Free to work. But then you think work for what? What are we in service of. The Jane Goodall video I shared last time reignited an old fire for me.

My vision is that humanity will decrease in size. Technology will become much more impressive. We will have contained areas and the animal and plant kingdoms will have much more scope on the earth. We will become caretakers of the planet nurturing the other kingdoms. We will have found out how to raise ourselves. And in achieving this we will have found a greater acceptance of our own animal natures and in that acceptance found how we transform them, enlighten them. And then we will have earned the right to work with the rest of the planet. Perhaps that is our true work. Our purpose as one humanity.

Something like that anyway.

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