Red Curry Chicken
u003colu003e u003cliu003eStir fry 3 tbsp of Valcom Red Curry paste with a little oil in a pan over low heat until fragrant.u003c/liu003e u003cliu003eAdd 300g of sliced chicken fillet or other meat, stir frying over high heat with the paste for few minutes until just cooked.u003c/liu003e u003cliu003eAdd 400 ml Coconut milk and 1-2 tbsp fish sauce. Stir well and bring to the boil.u003c/liu003e u003cliu003eAdd 200g of cubed eggplant or other desired vegetables. Cook for a few minutes.u003c/liu003e u003cliu003eAdd 2 tbsp Valcom Kaffir Lime leave and 1 tbsp Valcom Red Chilli (optional)u003c/liu003e u003cliu003eGarnish with 1 cup of fresh Basil leaves before removing from heat. Serve with rice.u003c/liu003e u003c/olu003e
Red Curry Paste3Tbs 15ml
Canola Oil4Tbs 15ml
Coconut Milk400ml
Fish Sauce2Tbs 15ml
Lime Leaves2Tbs 15ml
Chillies red (fresh)3whole
Basil leaves (fresh)1cup 250ml

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