Hamburger patties
1. Put beef for a short time in the food processor till just minced 2. Toast slices of bread and then blend to make 1 cup of loosely packed breadcrumbs 3. Mix all ingredients together well. If mix is too wet add a little more flour or some breadcrumbs 4. Shape into hamburger patties and cook over medium head in fry pan with oil 5. Drain on paper towels before placing into buns with fillings of choice.
onion0.6finely chopped
Hoisin sauce1Aus Tbs 20ml
tomato paste2tsp 5ml
garlic0.25tsp 5mlgarlic powder
wine - red1Tbs 15ml
bread1cup 250mlcrumbs
Basil leaves - dried0.25tsp 5ml
Sage (dried)0.25tsp 5ml
thyme0.25tsp 5ml
Oregano0.25tsp 5ml

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