Too late

I woke up too late this morning.
I have to lift my game
And find what my Oprah Winfrey passion is,
Silence my mind like Ekhart Tolle,
Plan my day like Tony Robbins,
Eat like Jenny Craig,
Run like Dick Quax,
Succeed like Ritchie McCawe,
Relax like Suzuki,
Laugh like John Clarke
And look after my health like Chopra.

I woke up too late this morning,
Then I ate chocolate with my coffee,
Showered too long,
Had cheese with toast,
Surfed the net,
Got a lift to work instead of walking,
And moaned about the cold.
And I still don’t feel the need
To be anyone else.


19 miles

Only 19 miles to go.
And I’m walkiing down the road.
And it’s fine time to rhyme
As I’m walking down the line
Making my way back home

I’ve got my guitar in its case.
‘Cause my hands no longer play.
But it’s fine time to rhyme
As I’m walking down the line
Humming songs on the way

There’s a stranger in my bed
But she’s still in my head
This is no time to rhyme
She left my heart on the line
And I’m almost dead.

My hands are cramped and torn
My voice is worn and sore
I’ll sing you one last rhyme
And play you one more line
And say goodbye to you all.