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This is a WordPress plugin that was originally born out of the desire to have more control then the Links widget provides. I have all sorts of links:- news, blogs and general links to other sites.  Initially I just wanted to list the five most recent news links in descending order of date. Then I wanted the blogroll to be a limited random selection of links.  This gave birth to a widget that gives a lot more control over how links are displayed. And of course you can control the title of the widget. The widget also enables the user to go to a page you specify if they click on the widget title.

What I really wanted to do was to send a user to a full list of links, and that required creating a filter. To use the filter is simple.

[NewsLinks category_name="News" orderby="description" order="DESC"]

Where category_name is the name of any Links category, orderby is one of:- name, link, description, and order is one of ASC or DESC.

The other thing it does, which I think is cool, is that it sets up a bibliography of books that you refer to in your posts, which are linked to an amazon associate id. In the administrator settings, you tell it the link category you want it to use, your Amazon assoicate id, what kind of link you want and every time someone clicks you get the opportunity to earn a bit of cash. You set up the links in the administrative section like this:

Then in your pages and posts you simply create a reference like

[ASIN id="4567890123" title="My Book Name" description="It's wonderful."]

It will then add it into the Links under the appropriate category and turn it into a nice reference. Next time you want to refer to that book, all you need to do is give do this:

[ASIN id="4567890123"]

Maybe someone's already done these things.  I couldn't find such a widget and it was kind of fun creating it.

Anyway, here it is: