Over the years I’ve been working on a piece of software to build vocabulary. It uses the Leitner system, mostly. I’ve shared it with a couple of people who use it and I’ve decided to share it with you. There’s no manual yet, although I am working on one. Anyway, if you have a question then leave it here and I’ll try and answer.

The current version is You can find the software here. It requires .Net4, which you can find here.

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  1. mikael says:

    I found a bug in the set up of Intervals. I’ve fixed the code and uploaded it, but if you’re already running the software, you’ll need to fix it up yourself.

    The numbers are currently 4,7,12,20,30,… They should be 1,4,7,12,30,30

  2. mikael says:

    The current minor revision is 1.1 to reflect that the export and import functions now use HTML encoding. This enables you to get special characters like Chinese, Devanagari, Kanji, etc. in and out in the CSV files that Leitner uses for imports and exports. And that means you can more easily share vocabularies with unicode characters in them. It also means you can copy and paste from the internet.

  3. mikael says:

    I just added a little help about so that you can see the revision number.

    One thing you may want to know is that if the testing finishes and the green bar hasn’t gone to the end. This means that it ran out of words to test you on. Best you add some more.

  4. mikael says:

    There was a little bug which meant that sometimes when creating a new piece of vocabulary it would enter it twice. This has been fixed.

    Also importing wasn’t reading the dates properly. This has also been fixed.

  5. mikael says:

    I’m in the thick of a structural change at the moment. The intent is to make Leitner to be able to import .kvtml files, which are structured a little differently from how Leitner currently works. I probably won’t be able to finish this off till next weekend.

  6. Alberto says:

    is it possible to see some screenshots before downloading the software?

    Kind Regards

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