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Out shopping

Wednesday, April 11th, 2018

I didn’t want anything from her,
So I smiled
The sun beaming from my heart,
While she scanned the icecream
I had bought for my wife.
She looked up at me knowing
That in that moment she was free.
The man packing the bread
Into the recycled bag was free too.
I looked at him as though
The world had exploded from his eyes.
And the people scurrying past
On the way to their cars
Had lost their selves.
And then the whole world knew what it was
In that moment
To stop wanting.

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La Strig’ kaj la Kato de Edward Lear

Sunday, April 8th, 2018

La Strig’ kaj la Kato en verda boato
ekvelis kun kargo abunda,
mielo por manĝi kaj mono por ŝanĝi
en Angla bileto kvinpunda.
Sub nokta stelaro kun eta gitaro
ekkantis la Strig’ pro inklin’,
“Ho bela vi Kato! Ho mia amato!
Ho Kato vi ravas ja min,
ja min,
ja min!

Ho Kato vi ravas ja min!”
La Kat’ aklamanta “Vi bird’ eleganta!
Vi kantas ĉarmege ulule!
Ho ni geedziĝu! Hezit’ ne estiĝu!
Sed havas da ringoj ni nule!”
Tra jaro plus tago ekestis vojaĝo
al land’, kie kreskas bonguj’,
kaj jen en arbaro renkontis la paro
Porkidon kun ring’ en naztru’,

Porkidon kun ring’ en naztru’.
“Jen unu ŝilingo por via nazringo!
Ĉu bone?” La Porko kvitigis.
La tagon pli poste la paron senkoste
Kok’ Hinda sur monto ĵurligis.
De ment’ la foliojn kaj cent cidoniojn
ili manĝis per runca kuler’,
festenis lunlume kaj dancis brakume
sur plaĝ’ en la nokta aer’,
Sur plaĝ’ en la nokta aer’.

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Friday, March 30th, 2018

After having murdered
The mostly working class
With plagues and pestilence,
God parted the red sea
And an angry Israeli army
Trsmpled over plants and fish
Flapping, and bewildered and dying
And then for forty years they made a journey
That should have taken 6 days
Only to murder the Canaanites.
But no such thing happened.
It’s no surprise that Einstein was a non-believerr.
And then Christians came and
Burned sensible people at the stake
Who prefered cooking with herbs.
And Zen priests sent out pilots
To commit harakere while the soldiers
Raped Malaysian women.
And at home the communists killed 4 million more
Than the Nazis did.
So pull down your flags and your white gowns
Disguised as economic sense,
Buying your next iPhone you enslave another million
Who can only turn the guns held against them into a ploughshare for you.
The Ku Klux Khan is not somewhere over there
Headed by a mythic orange man.
It’s in the red berries you buy and the green leaves
And the eggs of a billion enslaved chickens.
It’s in the stolen oil that you
Creste the real dead sea.
It’s because you are the most important person you know,
That your watch tells you how many steps you have left,
Instead of counting down the seconds till
You have killed the sea,
And displaced the islanders
And burned all the rain forest,
And left your children to pay for your next thing.
And then you tell yourself it really is too late to care.

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