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If I Could Take This Summer Back

Tuesday, May 14th, 2019

If I could take this summer back.
I would sit inside and not go out.
Watch the grass growing.
Crystal glasses filled with wine.
A book of philosophy
Written in another time.
But, I’ve been out.
A dead moa on a concrete lawn,
Thinking the long way home.
I’m over myself and
Wondering whether there is a self
To get over,
To get through,
To forgive
For breaking the window
And sitting on the front porch
All night long.
To forgive
For pretending that my stuffed panda bear
Was truly alive.
A friend to confide in.
A friend to forgive.
But now the laughing voices in my head
Are nothing more
Than moas on a concrete lawn.
Nothing more than anger left
By other men.
If only
I could take this summer back.

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After Fairy Dust

Saturday, May 4th, 2019

A sideways glance from the fairy.
Tick tock.
An answer by rote.
Taking a note to remember.
And then the words so elegantly said,
Forgotten by the door’s close.
Left beside Tinker Bell’s bed.
Only three seconds before the next minute.
And then it’s something more interesting,
More fun,
Time for lunch,
Time to go home.
These random thoughts, this play
Is no longer my own.
And now I’m waiting for
The beginning of time.
The time after fairy dust.

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Thursday, May 2nd, 2019

A thousand giant waves
Came pounding that day,
Came breaking through the walls
And my life.
The tide has turned now,
Washing my life out to sea,
Taking the beautiful garden,
That I tended so carefully,
Taking my home, my life.
I pray before I die,
Let me hear her
In the pounding waves.
Let me hear her
Through the wind in the trees,
And the cold that plays
Upon my fragile bones.
Let me hear her,
As I walk upon the stones
Towards my death,
Calling my name.
Yes, it’s her that I hear
Calling me home.

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