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When I began learning Tai Ch’i 30 years ago our instructor said that what we did was our Tai Ch’i not his Tai Ch’i.  And that’s what I think now.  I am not treading anyone else’s path.  It is not Zen, not Buddhism or anything else.  It’s just what I do. And that’s why this site has my name.  It’s not entirely an ego thing, just taking ownership for what I write.

Anyway, I’m Mikael Aldridge currently living in New Zealand. This blog did used to be thoughts on account planning in advertising, and then I thought it was thoughts on Buddhism and in particular Zen Buddhism. Now it’s just whatever I want to write about. 😉 Well, to be honest I’m trying to convey my journey:- thoughts, learnings, understandings and questions.  Hopefully it’s helpful. And if it is helpful to just one person on the planet then I would consider it worthwhile.

BTW, you can find me on Facebook or if you like email me at justso@mikaelaldridge.com.