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Return of the Children

Wednesday, October 1st, 2014

Oh old man, weep,
Weep your tears of pain.
Old man with unmet dreams
Weep for your yesterdays.
Oh old man, sing,
Sing with your broken voice
And wail for your soul.
Lost in your darkest dreams.
Where did your laughter go?
So needed for this drunken night.
You’re our fool now.
Come hold our robes
With your boney hands
And listen to our song of joy.
Listen to the breeze
Dancing on the window sill.
Listen to the children
Returning in the setting sun.
Listen to your heart
Beating weakly in your chest.
You’re still alive old man.
Think of the children,
Your children coming to greet you.
Weep for them,
Weep their tears of joy.

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