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The Essence of Tao

Saturday, October 4th, 2008

What is it that you are. Always there, yet so subtle it can’t be grasped. What can be said, or described? This quote is taken from chapter 14 of R.L.Wing’s translation of Lao Ci’s The Tao of Power.

Looked at but not seen:
Its name is formless.
Listened to but not heard:
Its name is soundless.
Reached for but not obtained:
Its name is intangible.

These three cannot be analysed
So they mingle and act as one

Its rising is not bright;
Its setting is not dark.
Endlessly, the nameless goes on.
Merging and returning to nothingness

That is why it is called
The form of the formess,
The image of nothingness.
That is why it is called elusive.
Confronted, its beginning is not seen.
Followed, its end is not seen.

Hold on to the ancient Tao;
Control the current reality.
Be aware of the ancient origins;
This is called the Essence of Tao.

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