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A warmer planet

Sunday, January 27th, 2008

Can you see her? She’s wearing nylon shoes.
Eating tofu. She sings the blues.
Plays a guitar.
And everyone wants more.

The air is far too warm she says.
The icebreaker is still in port.
Down south an odd storm or two
Kills thousands. And she cares.

The taxman comes to claim his prize.
Leave her be. She’s a carbon life form.
She’s not even wed. And
Her mother already ate her bread.

On Facebook she writes a line
Now that she’s not on company time.
And saving bees from humankind.
And everyone still wants more.

She’s lonely and death’s not far away
She feels. And she doesn’t believe
In heaven. She got nothing more
to give. So leave her be, I say.

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Going Nowhere

Sunday, January 20th, 2008

I can’t stop and look at the boy
All covered in flies
So I push away the image from my mind
Rushing from here to there

The only thing it’s safe to feel
Is anger and a heavy meal
Some wine
And well, it’s eating up my mind

I heard a noisy god.
It seems there’s nothing left to say.
I heard a silent man.
Who needs books anyway.

The windows of the store where I used to live
Have been broken by ghosts,
Who walk hand in hand.
Or just feel alone.

And now my skin’s a bit dry.
My pen’s still lying there.
I still can’t tell where I’m going.
And my eyes are just the same.

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